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Frequently Asked Questions

When are subscriptions available?

There are three release dates to correspond with the three sport seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring.

Fall Release: August 1st

  • Football
  • Soccer (M/W)
  • Volleyball (M/W)

Winter Release: October 1st

  • Basketball (M/W)
  • Hockey (M)
  • Track (M/W)

Spring Release: February 1st

  • Baseball
  • Softball

Each subscription will expire at the start of the next year's season. So if you purchase a Basketball subscription in 2018, it will expire at the start of the 2019 season.

Does CollegeFreeAgent help coachs contact players?

No, CFA only provides publically available data. Information includes: Height, Weight, Position, College, High School, Hometown and a link to their bio page. CFA never provides direct contact information.

How secure is buying a subscription?

Every subscription is purchased via Paypal with Https, which is the safest and most secure technology for online purchases. CFA does not share customer personal data.

How does CFA help my college recruiting?

CFA provides programs a list of all known Redshirt Juniors for the selected sport and division. There is no need to scour thousands of web pages spending countless hours identifying Redhirt Juniors. CFA provides the national pool of Redshirt Juniors. In addition, CFA provides a way to track players and fine-tune prospect lists.

Does CFA follow the NCAA guidelines?

Yes. CFA is officially certified by the NCAA as an approved scouting service. NCAA Scouting Services